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Guardrail chains are a type of chain used in highway and roadside safety systems. The concept of guardrail chains is to provide a strong and durable barrier between vehicles and potential hazards, such as steep drop-offs or obstacles. Guardrail chains are typically made of steel or other durable materials and consist of a series of links or plates that interlock with each other. The chains are anchored to support posts or other structures, creating a barrier that can redirect or absorb the energy of a vehicle impact. Guardrail chains are often used in conjunction with other safety systems, such as crash cushions or end treatments, to provide a comprehensive and effective safety solution for highways and roads. Proper installation and maintenance of guardrail chains are essential for their effectiveness. The chains should be securely anchored and regularly inspected for signs of wear or damage, such as rust or broken links. Any damage or wear should be repaired or replaced as soon as possible ensure the continued effectiveness of the guardrail system.

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A global chain manufacturer dedicated to providing chain products for different industries.

Zhejiang Pujiang Bohu Chain Stock Co., Ltd. was found in 1988. It’s a modern manufacturing enterprise integrating Guardrail Chain production, R&D, trade and service. The headquarter of the company is located in No.565, Yatai Road, Pujiang County, Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province, and the branch factory is located in No.333, Qianfang Road, Pujiang County, Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province. It is the leading drafting unit of China snow chain standard, and the main drafting unit of Zhejiang manufacturing group standard of "Snow Chain for Passenger Cars" and "Snow Chain for Commercial Vehicles". It has the right of import and export trade, and operates strictly according to the three systems of quality management, safety management and occupational health. Its snow chain for cars and trucks have passed the "GS" product safety certification of TUV Germany, ONORM V5117 and ONORM V5119 of Austria, and EN 16662-1 of the European Union respectively. The company has introduced advanced technology and equipment at home and abroad, and the product quality and technology are at the leading level in the same industry.
The annual output value of the company exceeds 100 million yuan, and has won the government quality award, been awarded AAA grade credit enterprise for 15 consecutive years, AAA grade contract-abiding and trustworthy enterprise of Zhejiang Province, patent demonstration enterprise of Zhejiang Province, and registered in 32 member countries of Madrid's trademark association.
The company mainly produces 10 series of "Bohu" brand auto snow chain, welding chain, high-strength lifting chain, stainless steel chain, animal chain, knotted chain, chain locks, marine anchor chain, chain accessories and other more than 4000 specifications.
The company insists on the tenet of "credit first, quality first, customer first". We sincerely welcome new and old customers to come to us to discuss business and welcome you to choose "Bohu" brand products.

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Enhancing Road Safety with Highway Guardrail Chains

Highway guardrail chains serve as a critical component in ensuring road safety, particularly on busy highways and roads. These chains are integral to the highway guardrail systems, providing a robust barrier that helps prevent vehicles from veering off the road in the event of an accident.

The primary purpose of highway guardrail chains is to absorb and redirect the kinetic energy of a colliding vehicle, reducing the severity of accidents and minimizing the risk of injury to motorists. Typically made of durable materials like galvanized steel, these chains are designed to withstand impact forces and provide a stable barrier along the roadside.

Installation of highway guardrail chains involves securing them to sturdy posts along the roadside, creating a continuous barrier that helps contain and redirect errant vehicles. The correct placement and tension of these chains are crucial to ensuring their effectiveness in preventing accidents and protecting drivers and passengers.

Regular maintenance and inspections are essential to guarantee the continued functionality of highway guardrail chains. Any signs of damage, rust, or misalignment should be promptly addressed to maintain the integrity of the barrier system. Properly maintained guardrail chains contribute significantly to road safety by preventing vehicles from colliding with obstacles or entering oncoming traffic lanes.

Highway guardrail chains play a vital role in enhancing road safety by providing a reliable barrier system. Through proper installation, regular maintenance, and strategic placement, these chains contribute to reducing the severity of accidents and protecting motorists on busy highways.

Safeguarding Roadsides with Roadside Safety Guardrail Chains

Roadside safety guardrail chains are instrumental in creating protective barriers along roads, highways, and other transportation routes. These chains are a key component of safety guardrail systems, serving to prevent vehicles from leaving the roadway and entering potentially hazardous areas.

The primary function of roadside safety guardrail chains is to absorb and dissipate the energy of a colliding vehicle, thereby reducing the severity of accidents and safeguarding both motorists and pedestrians. Constructed from durable materials such as galvanized steel, these chains are engineered to withstand impact forces and provide a robust barrier along the roadside.

Installation of roadside safety guardrail chains involves securely attaching them to strong posts positioned along the roadside. This systematic approach ensures the creation of a continuous and effective barrier that mitigates the impact of collisions. Proper installation, including correct tension and alignment, is essential for the optimal performance of these chains in real-world accident scenarios.

Routine inspections and maintenance are critical to ensuring the ongoing effectiveness of roadside safety guardrail chains. Timely identification and rectification of any damage, corrosion, or misalignment are essential to preserving the integrity of the guardrail system. Well-maintained guardrail chains contribute significantly to roadside safety, preventing vehicles from veering off the road and protecting both drivers and pedestrians.

Roadside safety guardrail chains play a crucial role in safeguarding roadsides and enhancing overall transportation safety. Through their robust construction, strategic installation, and regular maintenance, these chains contribute to the prevention of accidents and provide a protective barrier, ensuring the well-being of individuals on and around our roadways.