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Zhejiang Pujiang Bohu Chain Stock Co., Ltd. was found in 1988. It’s a modern manufacturing enterprise integrating Product production, R&D, trade and service. The headquarter of the company is located in No.565, Yatai Road, Pujiang County, Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province, and the branch factory is located in No.333, Qianfang Road, Pujiang County, Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province. It is the leading drafting unit of China snow chain standard, and the main drafting unit of Zhejiang manufacturing group standard of "Snow Chain for Passenger Cars" and "Snow Chain for Commercial Vehicles". It has the right of import and export trade, and operates strictly according to the three systems of quality management, safety management and occupational health. Its snow chain for cars and trucks have passed the "GS" product safety certification of TUV Germany, ONORM V5117 and ONORM V5119 of Austria, and EN 16662-1 of the European Union respectively. The company has introduced advanced technology and equipment at home and abroad, and the product quality and technology are at the leading level in the same industry.
The annual output value of the company exceeds 100 million yuan, and has won the government quality award, been awarded AAA grade credit enterprise for 15 consecutive years, AAA grade contract-abiding and trustworthy enterprise of Zhejiang Province, patent demonstration enterprise of Zhejiang Province, and registered in 32 member countries of Madrid's trademark association.
The company mainly produces 10 series of "Bohu" brand auto snow chain, welding chain, high-strength lifting chain, stainless steel chain, animal chain, knotted chain, chain locks, marine anchor chain, chain accessories and other more than 4000 specifications.
The company insists on the tenet of "credit first, quality first, customer first". We sincerely welcome new and old customers to come to us to discuss business and welcome you to choose "Bohu" brand products.

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Automotive Snow Chains Industry Knowledge

Truck Snow Chain Navigating Winter Roads Safely

Designed specifically for trucks and heavy vehicles, the Truck Snow Chain offers a robust solution for navigating through snow-covered terrains. Its durable construction, featuring high-quality materials, ensures that the chain can withstand the harsh conditions encountered during winter driving.

One of the key advantages of the Ttuck Snow Chain is its ease of installation. Designed for quick and straightforward application, drivers can easily fit the chains onto their truck tires without the need for specialized tools. This user-friendly feature is especially crucial in adverse weather conditions where time and efficiency are of the essence.

The Truck Snow Chain's unique design provides enhanced traction on slippery surfaces, significantly reducing the risk of skidding or loss of control. This added grip is essential for ensuring the safety of both the driver and other road users during winter travel. The chain's ability to bite into the snow and ice effectively transforms a potentially treacherous journey into a more secure and manageable experience.

Furthermore, the Truck Snow Chain is engineered to minimize wear and tear on tires while maintaining optimal performance. The thoughtful design takes into consideration the weight distribution and movement patterns of heavy vehicles, ensuring that the chains provide consistent and reliable traction without causing unnecessary strain on the tires.

In conclusion, the Truck Snow Chain stands as a dependable ally for truck drivers facing winter road challenges. Its durability, ease of installation, and enhanced traction capabilities make it an essential accessory for those navigating snowy and icy terrains. With the Truck Snow Chain, drivers can embark on winter journeys with confidence, knowing that they have a reliable solution to tackle the challenges posed by winter weather.

Automotive Welded Chain A Solid Foundation for Vehicle Safety

The Automotive Welded Chain serves as a reinforcement in various automotive applications, providing a solid foundation for critical safety features. One primary use is in the design of safety harnesses and seatbelt systems. The chain's robust construction and welding ensure that these safety components can withstand tremendous forces during sudden stops or collisions, safeguarding occupants within the vehicle.

Moreover, the Automotive Welded Chain is integral to the functionality of suspension systems. Serving as a link in the intricate network of suspension components, the chain helps absorb shocks, vibrations, and dynamic forces, contributing to a smoother and safer ride. The welding of the chain ensures structural integrity, preventing failures that could compromise the vehicle's handling and stability.

In off-road vehicles and those designed for heavy-duty applications, the Automotive Welded Chain plays a crucial role in anchoring tow hooks and recovery points. The chain's welds provide a secure connection that is vital during towing or recovery operations, enhancing the vehicle's capability to navigate challenging terrains while maintaining safety standards.

The welding process used in the manufacturing of Automotive Welded Chains ensures a strong and durable bond between individual links. This welding technique contributes to the chain's resistance against wear, corrosion, and environmental factors, ensuring a prolonged lifespan and consistent performance in various automotive applications.

In conclusion, while the Automotive Welded Chain may not always be in the spotlight, its role in ensuring vehicle safety and performance is undeniable. From seatbelt systems to suspension components and off-road applications, this welded chain forms an integral part of the intricate web of safety measures that modern vehicles rely on.