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Cow Chains, also known as cow tie-up chains or dairy cow chains, are essential tools used in the management of cattle, specifically in the dairy farming industry. These chains are designed to safely and securely restrain cows during various farm activities, such as milking, feeding, and veterinary care. They play a vital role in ensuring the safety of both the animals and the handlers.  Key Features of Cow Chains: 1. Durability: Cow chains are constructed from sturdy materials, typically steel or stainless steel, to withstand the rigors of daily farm use. 2. Safety: They are equipped with quick-release or snap hooks that allow for easy attachment and detachment while ensuring the safety of the animals. 3. Comfort: Some cow chains have padded handles or cuffs to provide comfort for the cows and minimize chafing. 4. Adjustability: Many cow chains are adjustable in length to accommodate different cow sizes and provide flexibility during handling. 5. Secure Restraint: Cow chains are designed to effectively and securely restrain the animal's movements, preventing sudden or aggressive actions. 6. Versatility: These chains are used during milking, grooming, medical treatments, and other tasks that require the immobilization of cows. Cow Chains are indispensable tools in the dairy industry, providing a safe and effective means of managing and working with cows to ensure the well-being of both the animals and the farm workers.

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Zhejiang Pujiang Bohu Chain Stock Co., Ltd. was found in 1988. It’s a modern manufacturing enterprise integrating Cow Chains production, R&D, trade and service. The headquarter of the company is located in No.565, Yatai Road, Pujiang County, Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province, and the branch factory is located in No.333, Qianfang Road, Pujiang County, Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province. It is the leading drafting unit of China snow chain standard, and the main drafting unit of Zhejiang manufacturing group standard of "Snow Chain for Passenger Cars" and "Snow Chain for Commercial Vehicles". It has the right of import and export trade, and operates strictly according to the three systems of quality management, safety management and occupational health. Its snow chain for cars and trucks have passed the "GS" product safety certification of TUV Germany, ONORM V5117 and ONORM V5119 of Austria, and EN 16662-1 of the European Union respectively. The company has introduced advanced technology and equipment at home and abroad, and the product quality and technology are at the leading level in the same industry.
The annual output value of the company exceeds 100 million yuan, and has won the government quality award, been awarded AAA grade credit enterprise for 15 consecutive years, AAA grade contract-abiding and trustworthy enterprise of Zhejiang Province, patent demonstration enterprise of Zhejiang Province, and registered in 32 member countries of Madrid's trademark association.
The company mainly produces 10 series of "Bohu" brand auto snow chain, welding chain, high-strength lifting chain, stainless steel chain, animal chain, knotted chain, chain locks, marine anchor chain, chain accessories and other more than 4000 specifications.
The company insists on the tenet of "credit first, quality first, customer first". We sincerely welcome new and old customers to come to us to discuss business and welcome you to choose "Bohu" brand products.

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Cow Chains Industry Knowledge

Enhancing Dairy Farm Operations with Cow Chains

Cow Tie-Up Chains provide a form of gentle restraint that is essential for various tasks on a dairy farm. Whether it's during milking sessions, veterinary examinations, or general management, these chains allow farmers to secure individual cows safely. The gentle restraint ensures that the cows are calm and cooperative, making it easier for farmers to perform necessary tasks without causing stress or discomfort to the animals.

Dairy Cow Chains are designed with the comfort and safety of the cows in mind. The materials used in these chains are carefully selected to be durable yet gentle on the cows' skin and coats. The design incorporates features to prevent snagging or pinching, ensuring that the cows experience minimal stress during handling. This focus on cow comfort not only contributes to the well-being of the animals but also enhances overall farm efficiency.

Cow Chains exhibit versatility in various dairy farm operations. From the use of tie-up chains during milking to the application of specialized chains for medical treatments or grooming, these tools play multiple roles in maintaining a healthy and well-managed dairy herd. The versatility of Cow Chains contributes to the overall efficiency of dairy operations, allowing farmers to handle various tasks with ease and precision.

Proper maintenance of Cow Chains is crucial to ensure their longevity and effectiveness. Regular inspection for signs of wear, cleaning, and lubrication contributes to the overall durability of the chains. Additionally, proper training of farm personnel in the correct use of Cow Chains ensures that the animals are handled with care and that the chains are applied appropriately for different tasks.

Cow Chains are invaluable tools in the management of dairy farms, offering a blend of gentle restraint, safety, and versatility. Their role in promoting cow comfort and supporting various farm operations underscores their importance in maintaining the health and efficiency of dairy herds.

The Role of Cow Tie-Up Chains in Dairy Farming Practices

Dairy farming practices often involve the use of specialized tools to ensure the proper care and management of dairy cows. Among these tools, Cow Tie-Up Chains play a significant role in providing a secure and controlled environment during various activities on the farm. Exploring the specific applications and benefits of Cow Tie-Up Chains sheds light on their importance in maintaining a well-managed and thriving dairy herd.

One of the primary applications of Cow Tie-Up Chains is during the milking process. These chains are used to gently restrain individual cows, ensuring a controlled environment for milking procedures. The gentle restraint minimizes the likelihood of cows becoming agitated or anxious, contributing to a more efficient milking process. Farmers can work with ease, knowing that the cows are secure and comfortable during this essential daily routine.

Cow Tie-Up Chains play a crucial role during veterinary examinations and medical treatments. When cows need attention from the veterinarian, these chains provide a means of secure restraint, allowing for safe and effective examinations or treatments. The controlled environment created by the chains ensures that both the veterinary professionals and the cows can work together harmoniously, facilitating the necessary care and interventions.

The design of Cow Tie-Up Chains prioritizes the safety of both the cows and the farm personnel. These chains are crafted with features that prevent injuries, such as anti-pinch mechanisms and durable yet gentle materials. The prevention of injuries during handling contributes to the overall well-being of the cows and fosters a safer working environment for those involved in farm operations.

Gentle restraint provided by Cow Tie-Up Chains promotes a sense of calmness and cooperation among the cows. When animals feel secure and unthreatened, they are more likely to cooperate during various farm activities. This cooperative behavior not only eases the workflow for farmers but also contributes to the overall welfare of the dairy herd.